Israel with Avigail


Born and raised in Haifa to a Mexican mother and Romanian father, I spent much of my childhood 'helping' in my grandparents' deli. 

Growing up in Israel's most diverse city, surrounded by traditional cuisine with roots on five continents, shaped my identity and led me to focus on my two loves - the people of Israel and the food we share.

Trip To Israel

I provide full service tours, door to door. This includes airport pickup in a luxury vehicle, hotel reservations, a custom built itinerary, bookings for all attractions, restaurant reservations, and of course a full-time guide at your service for the duration of your visit

Day Tours

Are you an independent traveler? Prefer to take care of most of the details yourself? I provide full day and half day tours for when you want a local perspective. I'll take you to the places that don't appear on the web to meet the people who make Israel 

Shuk (Market) Tours

My true love is food, and the open-air markets of Israel are my real home.

Mahane Yehuda, the maze of markets in Jerusalem's old city, Shuk Lewinski and Shuk HaCarmel are my favorite places to be and to guide. I'll help you plan out the perfect menu for your needs then walk you through the best tasting tour you've ever experienced.

These tours are a guaranteed full five-sense experience, and with the huge variety of tasting don't plan on lunch or dinner on these days!