All tours leave daily, depending on minimum number of participants


Machane Yehuda

What is an Israeli dish? What is Israeli food? Is it Hummus? Or maybe Gefilte fish? Don't know what those two are - you should definitely join my culinary tour of the shuk! On the tour we will taste a variety of foods from the Israeli kitchen at stands and restaurants in the market. We'll talk about Israel through the lens of immigrants' kitchens and taste it too! The tour will include 6-8 tastings, plan on skipping lunch or dinner :) .

Duration: 2- 2.5 hours

Available Sunday - Thursday, at 10AM 

Limited to 20 people

Wheelchair accessible

Tour starts at 125 Jaffa Rd, near the light rail station

Geopolitics in the Old City

Ever wonder why is Jerusalem such a big deal in the politics? Want to understand why the recognition of the city as the Capital of Israel by the USA in 2018 was such huge news? We start off early on Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount, and wind our way through alleys and markets of the Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish quarters. We discuss the religious aspects of the city, the history under the British mandate and the state of Israel and the various peace plans. We conclude with many questions hanging just like the reality acts for many Israelis and Palestinians. 

Duration: 3-4 hours

Dung Gate, Old City of Jerusalem, 8AM


  • Modest clothing/covering necessary
  • No religious symbols or books are allowed on Temple Mt/Al-Aqsa and no bag check is available 

Judaism and Christianity in the desert

For centuries the Judean desert has been a place that attracts only the bravest. This is where Jeremiah the prophet lived, where Elias ascended to heaven in flaming chariot, where Jesus Christ was tested by Satan and where the Good Samaritan saved the wayfarer. We'll visit an ancient Khan (road hotel) located on the way to Jerusalem and see where the first Hermitages were established. Why the desert? Where are those places and how they influenced each-other. On our tour we will also visit the beautiful springs of Ein Prat, the Good Samaritan Inn and a hidden monastery.   

The tour leaves from Jerusalem

Duration: 4-5 hours

Tour includes entrances to the following sites: Wadi Kelt nature reserve, The Good Samaritan Inn.

Tel Aviv - food and history

In 1909 a new Hebrew city was established called 'Achuzat Bayit'. Since then it became the center of modern Israel, even mistakenly called the capital, the non-stop sin-city, the bubble, the silicon wadi. Immigrants started flowing to the city from everywhere and those from Greece and Turkey opened the Levinsky market- the first market of the new city. On our tour we will visit both the historical part of Tel Aviv (Little Tel Aviv) and also taste the Balkan cuisines that the Levinsky market offers.

The tour starts in Tel Aviv 

Duration 3-4 hours

The tour includes 4-5 tastings and visiting Hall of Independence.